Affordable kids’ clothes: Where I find the best deal on Toddler clothes

Fashion means everything to me, and keeping my toddler hip & cool can come at a pretty penny!

I love finding awesome deals and still have some retailers for toddler boy clothes I totally dig, but after discovering Kids on 45th, my life will forever be changed…for the better.

Y’all, I know subscription boxes are all the rage. But, let me tell you why this one is SO MUCH BETTER. You’ll thank me soon enough.

Kids on 45th Street Review

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Kids of 45th is a non-recurring subscription box for kids. The fashion is gently used and comes in sizes Newborn – 14/16/XL. It is offered four times per year (at the change of the season) and subscribers have the choice to receive a new box at that time. Simply put, you won’t be charged quarterly – YOU get to choose when you want a new box!

I experienced this first hand, as I purchased my first box early May and just purchased a new fall box last week. The box is legit.

Kids subscription box

While you cannot pick the exact items you receive, your box is totally customizable.  Originally my box was going to come with a sweater – but, hey, I’m in Texas! I swapped it out for another pair of pants, which my kiddo can use in any climate.

BabyCoolJ is literally still using everything in this box! I was so happy with what he received, and felt like the staff listened to my comments…which as a stylist, I totally appreciate.

Lisa Alfaro, Boutique Personal Shopping · 0:00 Thanks for catching the replay, Elizabeth! Glad you liked the topic today :)


Second hand toddler clothes


Affordable kid tshirts

I asked for the t-shirts not to have characters – since we keep screen time limited, he doesn’t care much about cartoons. These t-shirts were a perfect mix of fun, cool and trendy. And let me tell you, that pineapple shirt is one of my favorites in his closet!

Affordable clothing for kids

Cheap shorts for boys

Kids on 45th Street review

Y’all, the price cannot be beat! For 12 items I paid only $35. Yup, you read that right! (where is the shocked emoji? I need someone falling over fainting stat!)

So, what are you waiting for? As someone who LOVES shopping (like the actual hunt) I can tell you it was so fun getting this in and skipping the stores. Especially with a toddler. I wish adult boxes could be this affordable!

Toddler boy in Kids on 45

Girl, go get your Kids on 45th box! And stay tuned for my LIVE fall unboxing on my Facebook page!



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18 thoughts on “Affordable kids’ clothes: Where I find the best deal on Toddler clothes

  1. Wow! This is such a great deal, I’m definitely going to have to check this out. I’m always struggling to find affordable, cute clothes for my daughter but I can only seem to find items that cost $35 for one or two things. I’ll definitely be looking into this, thanks for sharing!

    1. I hear ya, Taylor! I love finding cute clothes, but it can all add up. Hope you give it a shot – I haven’t been disappointed yet! Stay tuned for my Fall unboxing next week!

  2. I have a fast-growing toddler so this is perfect. I need to check it out. I never thought about a subscription box for him, but the price is too good to pass up!

    1. I totally relate! The price is awesome, but I also love that it doesn’t auto-ship. In Texas with our hot weather I was good with the Spring box from April until just now. Can’t wait for my fall box, it shipped out yesterday!

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