Why amerytina?

I am a proud American y Latina. Born and raised in Texas, I am first generation on my father’s side. And rumor has it that Mexico became Texas for my mother’s ancestors.

Growing up in a small South Texas town, I have always craved an extraordinary life. So, I did the most out-of-the-box thing I could think of and I ran off to New Zealand after college graduation. From skydiving, to island hopping, to living in a van – it was the best year yet.

Don’t you love the camera time stamp? Sometimes I forget life before camera phones.

Now, the real fun has begun. I live in the ‘burbs. I am a wife & mama. I’m a seasoned PR pro, marketing consultant, and an aspiring fashion stylist. And, I now have too many shoes to fit in a van.

This is my life.


I started Amerytina in April, 2017 and fully committed to it in January, 2018. I love sharing adventures in mommyhood with my fellow mamas. And fashion – girl, don’t get me started! From practical tips for moms to flaunting your confidence when you’re a plus size chica, we will explore everything affordable and chic!

I also love talking about my cultura, and my faith. It’s been an exciting journey and I hope you can walk away inspired.

You, my readers, are everything. I value each and every one of you and would love to connect. Make sure to drop me an email so I can follow your social accounts.

One last thing…I have more than 8 years of PR, marketing and content creating experience and it’s with the same professionalism that I approach my brand and this blog. Thanks for stopping by!